GLN celebrated GLN Day 2017

GLN celebrated GLN Day 2017 1920 1080 Famolde

GLN gathered its employees and families on the 1st GLN Day, an event held at the Maceira facilities, on September 17th of 2017.

The Day started with a Team Building activity, which was only for employees during the morning, where group dynamics and trust games were realized, reinforcing GLN values ​​and strengthening the team spirit, within the scope of the Organizational Alignment Program of the year.

This was followed by the usual lunch between employees and family members, at which time the Main Band of the Maceirense Philharmonic Society and the Tócandar percussion group of Marinha Grande provided brief performances, thereby also strengthening ties with the Community.

The afternoon extended with the traditional games for adults, animation for children and moments of partying and GLN energy. The day ended with the usual visit to the factories, with the guests also having the opportunity to visit the facilities at Marinha Grande, which houses the new capsule production line for Delta Cafés.

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